Jun 11

Retrofitting A Home For Senior Citizens

Falls in age folks are an everyday, risky and often debilitating problem. Over and over again, they are alleged as being permanent —yet this is far from reality and is an excessively downbeat viewpoint; especially as life expectation goes on to go up.

House adjustments are substantial alterations made to one’s residence to put up for the altering requirements of the aged or incapacitated, to permit aging in place.  When you age, your ability to move freely and easily along with your physical potency lessen and countless features of your house that were previously well-designed become complicated. House alterations can be as straightforward as altering water faucet grips from knobs to handles or as widespread as the building of an additional senior lodge in your house. There are countless dissimilar sorts of amendments that can be brought about to assist for confrontations that you face while growing old. The following listing will give you an idea of general changes.

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Feb 16

Grandchildren in Oroville Crisis

Pray for my grandchildren as they are in the midst of a looming natural disaster. In the early 1960s, thousands of construction workers came to Oroville, in the Northern California with their families, to help build the largest earth-fill dam in the world. It is an earth fill embankment dam located on the east of the city of Oroville, California in the USA. It is the tallest dam in the United States at 770 feet (235 m) high.

oroville dam construction

Mainly it serves as hydroelectricity generation, flood control, and water supply. The dam impounds Lake Oroville, that is the second largest human-made lake in the California State, that can store more than 3.5 million acre-feet (4.4 km3).

The purpose behind the construction of Oroville Dam was to provide electric power, recreation, flood control, and water to the residents of California. 34 construction workers paid with their lives for the successful completion of the project.


From the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta into the State Water Project’s California Aqueduct the Oroville Dam has allocated the flow of the Feather River since its completion in 1968, which does not only provide the industrial water supplies to coastal Southern California but also provides a major supply of water for irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley, and has prevented large amounts of flood damage to the area.

It holds back a reservoir containing 1.1 trillion gallons of water, supplying cities and farms across the state. It is an important piece of infrastructure.

The sad news is that now the aging dam has become a severe threat.

My grandson and Oroville resident, Scott Plourde tells us that his family was aware of the break in the dam but it took a couple days before there was major evacuation put on notice to everyone.

About 188,000 people around Oroville were ordered by the authorities on Sunday to evacuate their homes over concerns that the nearby towns and roads could have been flooded due to the dam’s emergency spillway failure and an onrush of water out of the reservoir. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 08

3 Points About Exercising With Limited Mobility

 The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is of extreme importance for wheelchair users. Without exercising daily, you are likely to fall into a terrible rut that, at the very least, will result in dismay: depression from lack of gratification and health problems from lack of activity. Both factors are well-known to instigate each other and are enormous determiners in your life. Exercise does not just determine how long your life will last, with more exercise obviously promoting a longer life span, but it also determines how you will. If you practice daily exercise rituals, then there is no doubt that you will feel better about yourself. If you feel better about yourself, then you will feel more motivated. If you feel motivated, you a will have the power to follow your dreams, and as history has countless times shared with us time and time again, those who follow their dreams effect how we ALL exist in this blessing called life. Thus, stable exercise is not just good for you, it is good for everyone.

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Dec 28

How To Change Your Life in Your Wheelchair – Exercise

Wheelchair Exercise

Many are falsely under the assumption that exercise activities are limited for those who use a wheel chair. These misled souls could not be further from the truth, for the possible exercise techniques and activities for those using a wheel chair are vastly numbered. In the following, we will explore some of these activities and methods in greater detail.

wheelchair disabled

Easy at Home Exercises!

The row exercise, classified as a resistance training exercise, is an effective and convenient exercise that can be done at home. First, take a rubber strap, and attach it to something that will not move, such as a door. Simply pull yourself towards the solid object, and then release yourself back to your original position. Essentially, you will be rowing back and forth. With repetition, this exercise promotes blood circulation, the number one asset to preventing heart disease. Also, it will present magnificent results in your upper arms and upper back.

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Dec 10

How To Be A Healthy Senior Citizen

Becoming an old-timer shouldn’t imply becoming lazy – even when you become a senior citizen, it is very essential to remain as full of zip as actually achievable. Irrespective of your age or existing corporeal condition, doing exercises is an obligatory and vital part of healthful aging. Countless senior citizens use up, almost ten to twelve hours every day being seated or lying back, making themselves the most inactive age faction. We want to help change that statistic.

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Nov 30

5 Reasons for Seniors to Swim

senior swimming

Seniors can get a lot of positive effects from having a pool to swim in. Whether those effects be improving their physical fitness, or be gaining therapeutic effects from swimming, there is a lot of scientifically proven positivity that can come from the pools. Whether you are completely able bodied or are relegated because of a handicap, there is a lot to gain just by being in the pool. Here is are five reasons for seniors to get into a clean pool of water and moving around in the pool.

  1. Swimming is easy on the joints
  2. Swimming will help increase flexibility
  3. Moving in the pool will increase your muscles and give you some tone
  4. Mentally stimulating and relaxing
  5. Improves heart health and reduces the risks of aging problems

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Nov 24

The True Importance of Exercising as You Age

Recently there has been some chatter about China’s hottest model Wang Deshun. Most would see his body and think he is in his 30s or 40s. The truth is he is actually 80 and started his modeling career when he was 79. How is it possible that a man can change his lifestyle so much to be able walk shirtless down a cat walk at 80. The answer is easier than you might think.

Deshun made a choice to simply not give into thinking he was an old man. He changed the way he thought and decided to think like a younger man. He did this by first beginning with exercise. It is a choice that anyone can make at any age. However, it is the most important decision as you age. Even if you are not an able person because of specific disabilities, you still can exercise. Ask your doctor what he/she thinks is a great exercise for you. Check online to discover what types of exercises can beneficial even if you have physical ailments. With the limitless of information at our fingertips, you can be successful.

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Nov 18

How To Adjust To The Handicap

As I watch those I know around me grow old in age, many are having injuries and the decaying strength of bones and muscles catch up to them. The years that they have lived are now forcing them to living a handicapped lifestyle that certainly takes some time to adjust to. This post will help guide people who are adjusting to handicaps make their life a little easier. We hope this prepares your adjustment period a little further.

wheelchair rampThis topic came into my mind the other day as I went over to my granddad’s house. He just had a concrete contractor prepare ramp for his patio deck. Before the permanent concrete was poured, he was using a temporary metal ramp to get up and down it, but it took up quite a bit of space and he wasn’t a fan of the rails as much other than being able to launch himself up and down the ramp.
He has a deck in his backyard that overlooks his yard and garden. Previously, the only way to get up and down it was by utilizing the stairs. Since his knee injuries have caught up to him, he is relegated to a wheelchair now and needed a way to get to his yard and explore it easily from the back door of his house. With the help of  the handicap ramp now, his home life just got that much easier. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 15

Top Health Reasons to Get Up and Move

live longerIn view of the fact that currently, the folks all across the globe are surviving for lengthy periods of time, the years from the sixth to the eighth decade have become a very crucial phase in the lives of elderly people. These are the years of giving up work; and this statistical group has smaller number of livelihood and domestic errands in comparison to other age bands, along with more capital and potent ability of expenditure from savings, and hefty invested money. They can well recognize those actions that are satisfying and have the extra time to gain knowledge of innovative and contemporary stuff. Instead of sojourning at home and observing daytime dramas, lots of elderly folks are now associating themselves with aerobics instructions, games and sports education. As for the elderly folks, who desire to re-fabricate their lives, each and every one of these actions and benefits are substantiating that this phase of life can be very productive, dynamic, and gratifying.

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Nov 14

Healthy Senior Living – Welcome to MobileSeniors

The progression of human history has contributed to many factors regarding our age and the health that we have as we grow older. As our societies have continued to develop, so has the ability for us to be able to recognize and treat many common things that would lead to the shortening of our years. We have now learned what kinds of foods are healthy and can contribute to longer life, the beneficial sides of exercise on our health, vitamins role in our health, cures for illnesses, among many other factors that have helped us live longer lives.

As each human grows older, it’s important for them to be able to recognize what is going to help them live a healthier life and prevent the aches, illnesses, and early signs of death that often will occur in unhealthy individuals as they grow older. Read the rest of this entry »