Monthly Archive: November 2016

Nov 30

5 Reasons for Seniors to Swim

senior swimming

Seniors can get a lot of positive effects from having a pool to swim in. Whether those effects be improving their physical fitness, or be gaining therapeutic effects from swimming, there is a lot of scientifically proven positivity that can come from the pools. Whether you are completely able bodied or are relegated because of a …

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Nov 24

The True Importance of Exercising as You Age

senior marathon

Recently there has been some chatter about China’s hottest model Wang Deshun. Most would see his body and think he is in his 30s or 40s. The truth is he is actually 80 and started his modeling career when he was 79. How is it possible that a man can change his lifestyle so much …

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Nov 18

How To Adjust To The Handicap

wheelchair ramp

As I watch those I know around me grow old in age, many are having injuries and the decaying strength of bones and muscles catch up to them. The years that they have lived are now forcing them to living a handicapped lifestyle that certainly takes some time to adjust to. This post will help …

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Nov 15

Top Health Reasons to Get Up and Move

live longer

In view of the fact that currently, the folks all across the globe are surviving for lengthy periods of time, the years from the sixth to the eighth decade have become a very crucial phase in the lives of elderly people. These are the years of giving up work; and this statistical group has smaller …

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Nov 14

Healthy Senior Living – Welcome to MobileSeniors

old man training

The progression of human history has contributed to many factors regarding our age and the health that we have as we grow older. As our societies have continued to develop, so has the ability for us to be able to recognize and treat many common things that would lead to the shortening of our years. …

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