Nov 18

How To Adjust To The Handicap

As I watch those I know around me grow old in age, many are having injuries and the decaying strength of bones and muscles catch up to them. The years that they have lived are now forcing them to living a handicapped lifestyle that certainly takes some time to adjust to. This post will help guide people who are adjusting to handicaps make their life a little easier. We hope this prepares your adjustment period a little further.

wheelchair rampThis topic came into my mind the other day as I went over to my granddad’s house. He just had a concrete contractor prepare ramp for his patio deck. Before the permanent concrete was poured, he was using a temporary metal ramp to get up and down it, but it took up quite a bit of space and he wasn’t a fan of the rails as much other than being able to launch himself up and down the ramp.
He has a deck in his backyard that overlooks his yard and garden. Previously, the only way to get up and down it was by utilizing the stairs. Since his knee injuries have caught up to him, he is relegated to a wheelchair now and needed a way to get to his yard and explore it easily from the back door of his house. With the help of  the handicap ramp now, his home life just got that much easier.

In recent years, handicap issues are becoming more in the light of the general population and able people are becoming more in tune with the general things that they take for granted that people with handicaps have a difficult time with. One of the most difficult things for handicap people is having to deal with stair and no ramps.

For a while, in my local town, there was a man who was in a wheelchair who went around to many of the big time businesses in town, like Target, Home Depot, and the local mall. He found that there so many areas that he was not able to access due to his wheelchair, and he made requests to this places for a year, without them ever making any changes. He then decided that the only way to get this people to make any changes was to hit them where it hurts. He filed some lawsuits and began taking them to court over their handicap violations that they had plenty of. He ended up getting pretty wealthy by winning all of these cases and it started scaring the heck out of all of the other businesses in town, and they started to shape up to conform to the handicap codes and regulations.

handicap accessible ramp

The point of this wasn’t that there is a huge profit to be made by targeting businesses for not having handicap accessible areas in their business, it was to show that most modern businesses at the time were not accessible for while groups of people. Handicap people aren’t always considered in the construction of projects, but they should be.If you or someone you know is relegated to a wheelchair, it is best to be prepared going into many situations whether or not the place would help make handicap people’s lives easier.swimming pool ramp
Lately, I have found that there has been a big shift for the handicap community. My new gym that I have started to attend even has a pool for handicap people where they can roll their wheelchair down a ramp into the pool and either dip their body in or swim with their upper body.

concrete rampSchools are now all being fitted with handicap accessibility. Elevators are now a must for two story schools, and ramps are everywhere so anyone with any type of ability can access them. Even small businesses are being uniformly fit with handicap accessible ramps.


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