Nov 24

The True Importance of Exercising as You Age

Recently there has been some chatter about China’s hottest model Wang Deshun. Most would see his body and think he is in his 30s or 40s. The truth is he is actually 80 and started his modeling career when he was 79. How is it possible that a man can change his lifestyle so much to be able walk shirtless down a cat walk at 80. The answer is easier than you might think.

Deshun made a choice to simply not give into thinking he was an old man. He changed the way he thought and decided to think like a younger man. He did this by first beginning with exercise. It is a choice that anyone can make at any age. However, it is the most important decision as you age. Even if you are not an able person because of specific disabilities, you still can exercise. Ask your doctor what he/she thinks is a great exercise for you. Check online to discover what types of exercises can beneficial even if you have physical ailments. With the limitless of information at our fingertips, you can be successful.

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When you exercise, not only are you feeling happier and more self- confident, but you will find yourself with new or different goals. You can tap into your own creativity and make plans on interesting ways to exercise. You will also begin to inspire others of all ages because of how it is dramatically changing your life. Perhaps you currently suffer from an ailment. That shouldn’t stop you from changing your mindset and begin to exercise.

Consider how you may have recently went to the doctor. You discovered that you need to change your diet and exercise. Changing your eating habits is not really the first thing you need to begin with. Think about when you were a child. You didn’t care about what you ate. You simply enjoyed running so hard that it felt like your legs were going to fall off. Or maybe you enjoyed swimming on the weekends with your best friend every summer. The things you enjoyed as a child are still the same but now you think you are just too old. You are not.

Exercising may come easy for children because they are not plagued with the idea of being old. Not all children are without disease, disability, or ailments. They just want to be able to have fun. You can have fun too. You don’t have to plague yourself with the thought of getting old. Just replace those thoughts with how to plan your next adventure because you can and you will. Believing you can is the very first step in prolonging your life.

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Health experts globally suggest that exercise benefits anyone at any age. However, it is the most important for senior citizens. Being inactive at this age is risky. Not being able to take care of yourself is in danger. Senior citizens should be active as much as possible in order to improve health even if suffering from diseases and disabilities. Imagine delaying and reducing your risk for heart disease, dementia, liver disease, or diabetes just by exercising. Fifteen minutes a couple of times a week can change your destiny. Exercising is challenging at times. However, it can and will help with self-confidence, cognitive decline, memory, reducing stress, and even sleep. As we age, our mood begins to decline. Exercise will change this and aging will not be a major concern.

Every time you think to yourself that exercising is only for younger people, just look around at friends your age. They still swim, ride a bike, skip rope, play sports, or go dancing. Perhaps they have done these activities their entire life. Or maybe you just don’t know. What you do know is that you see them exercising. You see that they feel young when they play basketball with their grandsons or go bowling with their granddaughters. Perhaps you don’t have grandchildren and you want to exercise for yourself, your partner, or your spouse. Then just begin with something simple.

You can start exercising with something as easy as doing laundry. Every time you move the washed clothes to the dryer, try stretching your arms over our head. Try doing a few squats while you brush your teeth or calf lifts while brushing your hair. Plus, you can laugh at yourself for looking funny or trying something new. But you will feel joy and your brain will begin to change.

I am a trained ballet dancer. I have spent thousands of hours training to become a professional dancer. I wake up every morning and practice. I also enjoy other exercises, like yoga, to aid in keeping my muscles toned, my flexibility in tact, and a chance to meditate. I will be aging out of the profession soon but I will continue to exercise even if that means I will not be able to jump as high or kick as high. Exercising for me is a lifestyle.

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Perhaps there is something that you may enjoy that doesn’t feel like a lot of extra work. In fact, it calms you down. You may like to run, or swim, or hike. Perhaps you can challenge yourself and try training for a half marathon. Go to your local events guide online or try checking in with your local community. Join a group of friends that enjoy doing what you love as well.

If you choose to make the decision to exercise every day, then you can live a fuller, longer life. Maybe the cat walk isn’t a goal that you want but perhaps your goals have to be specific for you. Do want to reach 80 and still be able to fish, or swim, or just walk to get the mail every day? Whatever the goals are you can reach them and beyond. You can live longer simply by changing your mind and making exercise a lifestyle.

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