Nov 30

5 Reasons for Seniors to Swim

senior swimming

Seniors can get a lot of positive effects from having a pool to swim in. Whether those effects be improving their physical fitness, or be gaining therapeutic effects from swimming, there is a lot of scientifically proven positivity that can come from the pools. Whether you are completely able bodied or are relegated because of a handicap, there is a lot to gain just by being in the pool. Here is are five reasons for seniors to get into a clean pool of water and moving around in the pool.

  1. Swimming is easy on the joints
  2. Swimming will help increase flexibility
  3. Moving in the pool will increase your muscles and give you some tone
  4. Mentally stimulating and relaxing
  5. Improves heart health and reduces the risks of aging problems

Let’s dive right into why swimming helps seniors!

Swimming is easy on the joints

Being in swimming pool and any large body of water gives your body some buoyancy and allows you to float. Instead of gravity pushing hard on your body and stressing out your joints, water will ease some weight off of you. If you are someone who is in chronic pain, the pool is a place that will help give you some comfort. At the same time, you can also work out your body in the pool and help improve the strength of some of your joints while keeping some of the pressure off of your body.

Swimming will help increase flexibility

While moving in water, your body will easily sense that water is much thicker than air and that it takes some effort to push through water. In the act of pulling and pushing through water, it will actually stretch some of your muscles and allow you to feel more flexible after some time in the water. Plus, it’s also easier to work your flexibility without being in much pain.

Moving in the pool will increase your muscles and give you some tone

That pool water is thick, and being completely encased in it makes your body work a little harder, and your muscles will be able to work out without the major stresses that your body will normally face being outside of the water. Swimming and moving through water is considered resistance training. Resistance training is one of the best ways to get muscle, and by swimming, you will see that your muscles will feel worked, and you will get longer and leaner muscles which help in all other facets of your life.


Mentally stimulating and relaxing

Swimming brings down your stress levels, this is scientifically proven. There is something about being in the water that releases endorphins in your body and makes you feel more relaxed. After swimming, you may notice that you are in a better mood, you feel less stressed out, and your brain may even feel like it is functioning better. Plus, if you bring a buddy to swim, it can help with depression and the feeling of being lonely in life. There are many rec centers all over the world that are available for people or just for seniors.

Improves heart health and reduces the risks of aging problems

One of the key aspects of swimming is it’s effects on the internal facets of your body. Swimming can be a cardiovascular workout, which will work your lungs and your heart and will make both stronger. You will notice a lower blood pressure, and your body will circulate the blood better and easier. Risk of lung disease and heart disease is lesser for swimmers. Also, it has been proven that osteoporosis cases are less frequent with senior swimmers. The bone density of people will increase through swimming, which is a major problem that older folk, and in particular women over 50 years old will face. Prevent bone fractures in your future by swimming now!

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