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How To Change Your Life in Your Wheelchair – Exercise

Wheelchair Exercise

Many are falsely under the assumption that exercise activities are limited for those who use a wheel chair. These misled souls could not be further from the truth, for the possible exercise techniques and activities for those using a wheel chair are vastly numbered. In the following, we will explore some of these activities and methods in greater detail.

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Easy at Home Exercises!

The row exercise, classified as a resistance training exercise, is an effective and convenient exercise that can be done at home. First, take a rubber strap, and attach it to something that will not move, such as a door. Simply pull yourself towards the solid object, and then release yourself back to your original position. Essentially, you will be rowing back and forth. With repetition, this exercise promotes blood circulation, the number one asset to preventing heart disease. Also, it will present magnificent results in your upper arms and upper back.

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Another great way to achieve a great workout when in a wheelchair is by practicing numerous strength training exercises. Before starting, make sure to stretch thoroughly, for these exercises can be strenuous. There a couple of methods to choose from when approaching this form of exercise, a simpler method being the use of dumbbells. Lifting dumbbells does wonders, chiseling flimsy arms into muscular displays of that toned look that we all strenuously strive for. Another way to strengthen the arms and build up the chest muscles is by practicing push-ups. Make sure to have those muscles efficiently loose and be aware of over exertion, for this exercise can be especially arduous. Start by locking your wheels, so the chair stays put. Grasp both right and left armrest tightly into your palms. Carefully, push yourself up and then slowly let yourself back down. Do this set continuously, keeping in mind to monitor your workout so as not to overexert.

If you want to take it to the next step, the purchase of an incline chair is highly necessary. This enormous asset will expand exercises, allowing you explore methods ranging from sit-ups and crunches to bench press. There are many exercise methods to practice when you have an incline chair, so skip the high-priced gyms, and conveniently get the workout that you strive to achieve within the confinements of your comfy home.

Sports Activities

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Adding to the do it yourself techniques you can practice at home for an exhilarating wheelchair exercise experience, there are other effective exercise options for wheelchair users who yearn to get the blood churning. Sports activities such as basketball, rugby, and football are some sports options, along with golf, tennis, and volleyball. This is just to name a few. These activities exercise the lungs and strengthen the breathing, two crucial aspects to obtaining a healthy amount of oxygen to blood vessels and brain cells. The best part about these sports is that they are available everywhere, and finding leagues and programs that provide these sports are nowhere near a difficult task.wheekchair basketball

Good Health and Great Life

The options exceed the sky when it comes to exercise for wheelchair users. From do it yourself techniques at home, to the competitive and organized sports activities that are available, exercise will never be far in reach. Start exercising today, for the only side effects caused by exercise are good health and a great life!

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