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3 Points About Exercising With Limited Mobility

 The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is of extreme importance for wheelchair users. Without exercising daily, you are likely to fall into a terrible rut that, at the very least, will result in dismay: depression from lack of gratification and health problems from lack of activity. Both factors are well-known to instigate each other and are enormous determiners in your life. Exercise does not just determine how long your life will last, with more exercise obviously promoting a longer life span, but it also determines how you will. If you practice daily exercise rituals, then there is no doubt that you will feel better about yourself. If you feel better about yourself, then you will feel more motivated. If you feel motivated, you a will have the power to follow your dreams, and as history has countless times shared with us time and time again, those who follow their dreams effect how we ALL exist in this blessing called life. Thus, stable exercise is not just good for you, it is good for everyone.

old man paddle boarding


The Body

Besides achieving a well-maintained fitness level, which tones muscles and keeps your weight in check, exercise can have gargantuan effects on your health. Without proper exercise, these effects will unfortunately prove to be negative. The cardiovascular system crucially relies on abundant exercise. The increased pumping of your heart and the strengthening of your skeletal muscles promotes the growth and expansion of blood vessels and red blood cells. This influx of growing blood vessels and red blood cells immensely prevents cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease claims a life every thirty-four seconds in America, tragically stifling existence for more than 2.4 million unfortunate people every year. Also, exercise prevents obesity, which is another huge life claimer, taking the lives of 300,000 people on average every year. It is clearly apparent how exercise determines how long you will spend on this earth, and more exercise means a longer life, but exercise also determines something of even more value: how you will spend your time on this earth.

elders exercise

The Mind

Next to the unpleasantness, for nobody likes feeling bad, suicide prances prominently within the dark confinements of depression. Suicide has risen to the top tenth leading cause of death in America. For every 100,000 people, twelve of them commit suicide, which is directly related to depression. The impact of depression is devastating, and I have witnessed this first hand, for I used to fall into depression often. However, I found a tool most effective in slaying depression and that tool is exercise. Now, depression has never felt further.senior tai chi

Exercise deflates built up stress, and too much stress can likely conclude in depression. Also, exercise also releases endorphins in your brain, interacting with receptors that are responsible for pain. With the release of endorphins in your brain, a feeling of euphoria will wash over you. I can personally recall a time that I was deeply wedged in a state of depression. With utmost strength, I forced myself to go for a hike in a neighboring mountain range. Within mere steps, I felt this beautiful transformation transpire, shifting my state from absolute sorrow to absolute euphoria.

Lacking daily exercise will surely plummet you into a terrible cycle of bad health and depression. The bad health will make you depressed and the depression will increase your state of poor health. This horrendous cycle will inevitably lead to an unhappy and short life. Exercise is the key to bringing harmony to the body and mind, defeating the ferocious cycle of bad health and depression.

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